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Entrevista Shallow Side

First of all, please, introduce Shallow Side for people don´t know it?

Shallow Side is:

-Eric Boatright(vocals)

-Heath Fields(drums)

-Cody Hampton(bass)

-Seth Trimble(guitar/keyboard)

We are an American Rock band, formed in 2010. We have been touring for almost 6 years now and are extremely excited to have the opportunity to introduce our music to the people of Spain.

Today when I am writing the questions for the interview is being presented your new Ep, "ONE", what do you expect of the new songs?

We hope our newest release “ONE” takes the band to new heights both here in America, as well as, in other countries. We hope to have the privilege of touring Spain,and meeting the fine people in the near future.

I would like to know where and who with has been recorded the EP?

The EP was recorded just outside of Boston, Massachusetts at Red 13 Studios.

The band has included a cover of Styx song "Renegade", What was the reason for this choice?

We have always taken influence from the band, Styx. We knew going into the studio that we wanted to do a cover song. After pitching a few different ideas, none seemed to be fitting. While taking a break for lunch in the studio, we heard “Renegade” playing on the radio and we unanimously decided that was the song to cover.

I think Tommy Shaw himself has praised your version of his song. What did you mean this for the band?

It is a tremendous honor to have the approval of Tommy Shaw! We have always taken influence from his music and to have Tommy, himself, give the thumbs up is extremely satisfying.

You say on your website that you are here to recover good music. As is the music industry, do you think this is possible?

I think it is possible for certain. The music industry is a very difficult one,but just like any other industry, you have to have the ability and desire to evolve along with it.

In your music I perceive influences as much of modern rock as of recovery of classic rock sounds. What do you think about it?

We definitely have a diverse taste in our influences. It ranges from Classic Rock, Country, R&B, and even Gospel.

I think you've been touring five years to 200 concerts a year. I guess this will have given you a huge fan base. True?

We are the epitome of “started at the bottom”. Everything that has transpired has came from hard work and dedication to doing what we love. Playing music and meeting new people happen to be two of the things we love, so we tour for the majority of the year, every year, and in turn we have built a very loyal and supportive fan base. We call it our “Family” and we can not express enough thanks to them for allowing us to be able to continue doing what we love. We owe it all to them.

This is the third Ep in your discography, do you think this is, in this moment, the best way of format for music? Will you record later any complete album?

I think an EP is a great format in this day in age. We do have plans to record a full album in the future, however. For now we are going to push our freshly released EP “ONE” and work on new material any chance we have.

The band has been selected by Loudwire's Best New Artist of the Year, how do you feel for this?

It is an honor to be selected as the best new artist. I want to thank Loudwire for giving us the opportunity, and our “Family” for working hard to select us. It was a people’s choice award, and this just goes to reiterate the strength and loyalty of the Shallow Side faithful.

From the beginning of your career until now, how do you think the sound of the band has changed?

It has changed drastically, but not too drastically I believe. With every song, you normally find out a little bit more about yourself creatively, so as you continue to write songs they will obviously change a little bit at a time.

I suppose you shared stage with big bands. Which of them have you learned the most?

We try to take knowledge from everyone we share the stage with. Every band has a certain way they go about their approach, so we usually try to take a little bit of knowledge from anyone who is having success. After all, there is a reason they are having success.You can learn a little bit from almost any band if you are open enough to want to understand.

Imagine that you can organize a festival in which you and other bands play. What bands in the history of music would you want to play with?

I would organize many bands and it would be huge. I would make Donald Trump pay for the bands, believe me, and it would be a tremendous success. Here is my initial thoughts without over thinking the question:

Led Zeppelin


The Beatles


Johnny Cash

Guest speaker Kanye West(so we can watch him get beer bottles thrown at him)

Shallow Side(so we can come on stage and try to save the day)

Michael Jackson and Prince would perform together

Chuck Berry

Lynyrd Skynyrd with an encore of Free Bird

*Admission and beer would be free, we would put it on Trump’s tab.

Do you want to comment anything more?

Thank you very much for the interview and the fantastic questions. I tried to be clear in my answers so it does not get confused in translation. Please find Shallow Side on Youtube and social media.






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